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How do you remove a safe that weigh over 3 tonnes? ... make that 3 safes!

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Tuesday January 27, 2015 at 4:53pm
From our initial conversations with the client, our biggest challenge was going to be with two models in particular. Within the premises there were 2 Rosengrens safes, each weighing 2500kg, and 2 Chubb Financiers 6428 each weighing 3200kgs – that’s over 11 tonnes in just 4 safes!

Arriving at the premise with our plan of action in tact we took to straight to it.

Here’s a picture of 2 of the safes mentioned.

To support the weight of these safes, they were all placed on a 400mm reinforced platform within the store. Unfortunately, this was the only reinforced flooring at the premise - the floor at the front of the platform, as well as the flooring around the premise was not reinforced. Due to this, some careful planning had to be done to ensure there was no damage caused, as these safes, as mentioned before, weigh over 11 tonnes in total!

You can see in this picture one of the safes we had to remove – that’s Will standing next to it … he’s 5’11” so you can see how big the safe is. It was definitely not a pick up and walk job!

In order for us to remove the safes we had to carefully move the safes towards the van we were using to remove them. We did this by strategically using weight spreaders throughout their journey to the van, which was a little time consuming but still manageable.

There is no way that this job could’ve been done by a company who didn’t know what they were doing. We’ve got so much experience with moving safes it is very rare for us to come across a job that a) we’ve never experienced before and b) one that we can’t do!

Combine this job with a job that required us taking and removing a safe from the 7th floor of the McLaren building in Birmingham (this actually happened and is well worth a read!) you can see that BDB Lock and Safe is well equipped with the tools and knowledge of safe removal at any level.

Contact us if you need some help removing yours.

Interested in buying a reconditioned safe that we obtain from jobs like this? Take a look at our range of reconditioned safes we have for sale. Our safes are refurbished to a very high standard leaving you with a quality safe that looks brand new!
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